Legacy CEO Tamara Surratt Discusses Raising Wealthy Children with TIGER 21 Members

Posted on November 18, 2018

Legacy CEO Tamara Surratt Discusses Raising Wealthy Children with TIGER 21 Members

Legacy Family Office President and CEO Tamara Surratt will be a featured speaker at a TIGER 21 event in Vancouver, Canada in the middle of November. During her presentation, Surratt will share insights on ways wealthy families can raise their children to ensure that they are prepared to be competent responsible owners of wealth.

According to MarketWatch, thirty trillion dollars in assets will be passed from one generation to the next within the next 30 years. Despite this massive transfer of wealth, the majority of heirs are not prepared to manage their inheritance responsibly–which will cause many of these wealth transfers to eventually fail. In order to guarantee a successful transfer of wealth, families must adequately prepare their heirs.

Surratt’s presentation is entitled, “Preparing Heirs to Inherit Wealth: A Nuts and Bolts Guide,” and she will provide insights on how wealthy families can nurture and grow ALL forms of family capital to prepare heirs for success. “By focusing first on nurturing all forms of family capital, the family can become united, bound by a common desire to foster and sustain their legacy,” explains Surratt.

The forms of capital Surratt plans to cover include:

  • Human Capital: A family’s (and the family members’) inherent skills, talents, interests, and unique personalities that help form the family’s identity.
  • Social Capital: A family’s philanthropic endeavors.
  • Intellectual Capital: The skills, knowledge, education, and experience that has helped create the family’s wealth.
  • Financial Capital: The family’s collective financial resources.

Throughout her presentation, Surratt will provide concrete best practices that she has learned and developed during her years of experience in preparing heirs, creating legacies, and sustaining wealth through generations for some of the world’s wealthiest families.

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